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  • Casey's Foods Catering
  • 124 W Gartner Rd, Naperville, IL, 60540
  • (630) 369-1686 Fax: (630) 369-6218
  • Size

    20 sandwiches


    Vienna rolls filled with your favorite meats or salads. Each sandwich contains the meat/cheese selected and lettuce, if that is also selected. A grape tomato is placed on top of each sandwich. No condiments or tomato slices are in the sandwich, to preserve the condition of the roll. 20 sandwiches per tray. *Cheese is 20 cents extra per sandwich. Instructions for ordering: Use the drop-down menus to specify type of roll, meat/salad, type of cheese, and whether to include lettuce. If multiple meats and/or cheeses are desired, select the "Multiple" option in the drop-down menu. Then, after clicking "Add to Cart", click "Add Notes" and specify exactly the make-up of the tray. For example, to get a tray with 10 turkey/provolone sandwiches and 10 ham/american sandwiches, select Multiple in both the Meats/Salads menu and in the Cheese menu. Click "Add to Cart". Click "Add Notes" and then type: "10 Oven Gold Turkey & Provolone, 10 Deluxe Ham & Yellow American". Be sure to click "Save" when done!