Where do I put my credit card information?

  • We do not store your credit card information.
  • After your order is scheduled, the last step will ask you for your credit card information.

What is a provisional hold?

  • Once your order is successfully placed, a temporary authorization is put on your credit card for the amount of the estimated dollar total.
  • The provisional hold is an extra dollar amount added to the estimated total to account for changes in price due to random weight items or substitutions.
  • Once the order is picked, your card is charged the actual amount of the items you are receiving.

Is there a charge for placing an online order?

  • As of May 1, 2020, our pick-up fee is $9.95. This fee is applied to the costs of processing and picking your order.

Do I have to re-enter my credit card every time I place an order?

  • Yes. Our system does not store any credit card information.

Why am I getting the message, “Sorry, no slots were found matching your criteria” when I click Checkout?

  • A slot is a half hour time window when our online ordering system allows scheduling of new orders.
  • The system can take orders in open slots up to 7 days ahead.
  • So this message is telling you that all Shop online order slots for the next 7 days are currently full.
  • Once the next 7 days are full, slots are released every half hour during our available pick-up times.
  • So if there are no slots available now, there may be slots that come available at the beginning of the next half hour. (See “Can you tell me more about when slots become available” below for more details.)

Why did it let me pick a slot, only to get an error message later in the checkout process?

  • Currently many people are trying to access a limited number of slots. The slot was available when you picked it, but someone else completed their checkout and closed that slot while you were in the process of checking out.

Why can you only schedule orders one week in advance?

  • Our credit card processing company will only allow pre-approval of credit card charges for today through the next 7 days.

What happens to the items in my cart if I can’t get a checkout time and I log out of the system?

  • Items do not disappear from your cart when you log out.
  • The items that are in your cart stay in your cart until you either complete your checkout, at which time you will be assigned an order number and your cart will be emptied, or you clear the item out of your cart yourself.

Can I make changes to my order?

  • You may continue to add/remove items in your cart any time until your order is successfully placed.

Can I change my order after it has been submitted?

  • If we have not started processing your order, you may change it through the online system.
  • Due to the current high volume of orders we are receiving, and the procedures we have in place for processing, your order is put in process not long after you place it – even if the pick-up date is several days out.
  • If you are unable to change it online, please do not contact the store and ask for an exception. Under normal circumstances we would do our best to accommodate changes. But during this exceptional time, we can only process the order as it comes to us through the system.

Can you tell me more about when slots become available and at what times?

  • Monday – Friday: Time slots every half hour from 9:30 am through 6 pm.
  • Saturday: Time slots every half hour starting at 9:30 am through 5 pm.
  • Sunday: Time slots every half hour from 10 am through 4:30 pm.
  • Saturday & Sunday by design have less slot availability for online ordering.

How do I take advantage of curbside pickup?

  • At your scheduled pickup time, just drive up to the front of the store.
  • Call us at 630-369-1686 and tell us you are here to pick up your online order.
  • Give us your last name. (Have your confirmation number available just in case.)
  • We will bring your order out to your car.

How can I easily re-order items I previously ordered so I don’t have to spend so much time filling my cart? There are a couple of ways to do this:

  • Go to “My Account” and select “My Orders”.
    1. You will see a list of orders you have completed.
    2. You can click on the order number of a previous order and see a list of all items in that order.
    3. For each item you want to re-order, you can click “Add to List”, or you can scroll to the bottom of the order and click “Add All Products To List”, which will put all of the items on this order into your cart.
  • As you are shopping, you can indicate an item as a “Favorite”.
    1. Just click the star next to the item you want to mark as a favorite.
    2. The star will turn yellow.
    3. Going forward, as you shop, you can select to filter the screen to just show Favorites, which will make it easier for you to find items you buy often.
    4. You can always turn off the Show Favorites option to shop the entire store.

Why did I not receive everything I ordered?

  • During this exceptional time, we are having supplier issues with products.
  • While selecting items for your order, you can give us substitution instructions which can help us greatly when picking your order.

How do substitutions work?

  • If “No Substitution” is marked and we are out of stock for that product, you will not receive anything in its place.
  • If you would like us to provide an alternate product in its place, please instead choose “Best Comparable”.
  • If you would like to give us specific order substitution rules, please add a note to the product. Examples:
    • “Only choose fat free of a similar flavor soup in a different size/brand”
    • “Any 2% milk besides Borden”
  • Important: When making these notes, please be sure to click “Save” before going on to the next item!

How do I know I didn’t get charged for the items I did not receive?

  • We only charge your credit card for the items you receive.
  • There should be a receipt in one of your bags.
  • Please check the receipt against the products you brought home.
  • Go to “My Account”, then “My Orders” to review your completed order online and you can see what was out of stock or substituted.

I have the Casey’s App. Am I going to receive credit on the App for purchases I make online?

  • Yes.

If I am unable to place an order because all slots are full, do I have any other options to limit the time I spend in the store?

  • Yes. For products in the Meat, Deli and Produce department:
    1. Call the store at 630-369-1686.
    2. Ask for the department(s) for which you wish to place an order.
    3. Agree on a time they will have your order ready.
    4. Come into the store, go directly to the department(s) through which you placed your order and they will have it ready for you.
    5. Proceed to checkout to pay for your order.

Due to Covid-19, what safety measures have you put in place for customers and employees?

  • Frequent full store cleaning of all customer and employee surfaces.
  • Regular sanitizing of carts.
  • All employees masked and gloved and practicing Health Department hand washing protocols.
  • All customers required to wear masks while in the store.
  • Limiting number of shoppers to 25-30 in the store at one time.
  • Waiting queue spaced six feet apart.
  • Lines on the floors indicating distance between customers waiting at the meat and deli departments and at the check out lanes.
  • Store signage throughout reminding all to keep conscious of space between one another.
  • Hand sanitizer, cart wipes, and gloves available for customers at front door.
  • Plexi glass barriers at each checkout to limit contact.