Azteca Tortillas, Original Thin Flour, Supersize Taco 10 ea

Taste the difference. Soft & tender original thin flour tortillas. There is a fresh difference in Azteca tortillas, a difference you can see, smell and taste. Our Original Thin Soft & Tender Flour Tortillas are made fresh only from the finest ingredients and have NO preservatives. And fresh foods stay freshest in the refrigerator. That's where you can find our Original Thin Soft & Tender Flour Tortillas, delivered fresh from the oven. Those unrefrigerated tortillas with preservatives? They can sit on store shelves for up to 8 months! For over 45 years, our Azteca family has made sure your family enjoys these delicious tortillas you love. And that is freshness you can count on. Taste the difference! Our Original Thin Soft & Tender Flour Tortillas are thinner than our Traditional Homestyle Flour Tortillas, and are perfect for quesadillas, taquitos, enchiladas & bakes of all kinds! Look for Azteca's Traditional Homestyle Flour Tortillas when you want a thick and soft tortilla that is perfect for overstuffing with your favorite foods and sauces.