Ben & Jerry's Non-Dairy Crème Brûlée Cookie Frozen Dessert, 16 oz

Ben & Jerry's non-dairy frozen dessert. Burnt caramel vegan ice cream with brown sugar cookies and salted caramel swirls. Fancy French restaurant menus have met their match with this vegan dessert indulgence! When dessert calls for something with a certain je ne sais quoi, reach for a pint of Crème Brûlée Cookie Non-Dairy and your fanciest spoon. When churning up this flavor, our Flavor Gurus started with sunflower seed butter to ensure a perfectly creamy texture. After all, it’s a dairy-less twist on a dessert menu standard, so they wanted to get it just right. They found that sunflower seed butter made the perfect neutral starting point for even the most challenging flavors. And with a delicate balance of burnt caramel, brown sugar, and salted caramel flavors, this pint was indeed a challenge to get just right. After all, those French chefs can be quite exacting. Whether you follow the salted caramel swirls or dig out chunk after chunk of brown sugar cookies, this 100% dairy-free dessert is sure to have you dreaming about romantic nights in Paris and beyond. Bon appétit! Crème Brûlée Cookie Non-Dairy Vegan diet certified frozen treat is made with non-GMO sourced ingredients, including Fairtrade Certified sugar. Plus, it comes in responsibly sourced packaging. Now that’s a Ben & Jerry's treat you can feel extra good about!