El Guapo Whole Corn Husks (Hoja Enconchada Para Tamales), 8 oz

Corn Husks (Hoja Enconchada Para Tamales) are dried husks used for wrapping tamales before steaming. Make delicious savory or sweet tamales for your family and friends with corn husks from Mexico. Our Corn Husks are stacked so that they resemble a conch shape. Each husk is 9-10 inches in length and 7-9 inches wide at the bottom end – perfect for forming generously-sized tamales. To use the husks, soak in warm water for 1-2 hours until just pliable. Corn husks also make a flavorful substitution for foil in grilling packets. One of the many products offered by El Guapo, you can be confident that they are of the highest quality. For over 30 years, El Guapo has provided ingredients to make delicious, authentic Mexican meals for your family.