Gerber Snacks for Baby Lil Crunchies Apple Sweet Potato Puffs, 1.48 oz

Make every little bite count with baked snacks designed just for your older baby with Gerber Lil Crunchies Apple Sweet Potato Baked Corn Snacks. These Gerber baby snacks come in a delicious apple sweet potato flavor to introduce your little one to new taste combinations. Each serving of non-GMO sweet potato puffs is made with 5 grams of whole grains and 20% daily value of vitamin E. They're made without artificial flavors and artificial colors. These Gerber snacks have a meltable texture that dissolves easily and is easy to chew and swallow. Perfect as finger food for crawlers, these baby food snacks are sized for older babies learning to pick things up. Feed these apple snacks to seated, supervised babies who are used to chewing solid foods. These snacks come in a reclosable container. Use within 5 days of removing the seal for optimal freshness.