Kingsford® 100% Hickory Wood Pellets, BBQ Pellets for Grilling, 20 Pounds

Embrace the strong, savory and hearty flavor of classic hickory. Now you can get Kingsford® quality flavor in any pellet grill for unbeatable hickory smoke flavor. The savory smoke of 100% hickory wood is the griller’s choice for beefy favorites like ribeye, prime rib roast and short ribs. Enjoy excellent performance in all pellet grills, including Traeger® and Pit Boss®, and enhance your grilling experience by adding full-bodied flavor to just about everything you cook. Not just for grilling, these smoker pellets are also great for baking and roasting. These all-natural pellets deliver the bold, savory taste of real hickory wood without compromising quality. No fillers. No binders. No dyes. No preservatives.