Purina Beggin' Made in USA Facilities Dog Treats, BBQ Carolina Style Slow Cooked Chicken Recipe - 17 oz. Pouch

Watch your dog come bounding for the delicious taste of Purina Beggin' BBQ Carolina Style Recipe Chicken dog treats at treat time. This recipe features real chicken as the #1 ingredient, so you can feel good about the treats you offer him each day. Every meaty piece is cooked slow for irresistible flavor, giving him a reason to wag his tail whenever you reach for a treat. The chewy texture gives your dog something he can happily nibble away at, and the enticing aroma lets him know that something amazing awaits him every time you open a pouch. Unleash his excitement as you play fetch by rewarding him with one of these savory treats, or offer him a yummy bite between meals to show him just how much his carefree, playful ways keep you happy. These dog treats can be torn into smaller pieces to accommodate small breed dogs, or they can be served whole to medium and large dogs for easy serving. Give your dog a reason to lick his chops when you give him Purina Beggin' BBQ Carolina Style Recipe Chicken dog treats. These treats feature the perfect combination of flavors to get your dog's taste buds dancing, offering a perfect way to entice him at snack time. He's sure to flip for the chewy texture, and the rich aroma adds to the multisensory experience that makes these dog treats so very good. Offer these treats in addition to a complete and balanced diet and according to the feeding instructions based on your dog's weight. The convenient re-sealable pouch makes it easy to store the unused portion until your dog is ready for another scrumptious snack, or take his treats wherever you take him, whether it's out camping or playing in your backyard. For another delicious way to satisfy your dog's cravings for meaty goodness, look to our Purina Beggin' BBQ Kansas City Style Pork dog treats, another product in our Beggin' premium line.Your dog loves to have fun, and you love spending special moments with him each day. With Purina Beggin' dog treats, you can keep those moments going while giving your dog an irresistible treat. Let him go hog wild for our dog treats, and feel confident that he's getting high-quality treats backed by a trusted brand. This recipe is proudly produced in the U.S. and is checked throughout the manufacturing process for quality and safety, giving you added peace of mind every time you open a pouch. Make Purina Beggin' BBQ Carolina Style Chicken dog treats part of your canine companion's regular routine, and show him just how special he is with every tasty bite. Real chicken is the #1 ingredient Enticing aroma captures your dog's attention Cooked slow for irresistible flavor Chewy texture keeps him excited at treat time Can be served whole or torn into smaller pieces Delicious way to reward your dog Packaged in a resealable pouch for added convenience