Purina Dog Chow High Protein Dry Dog Food, Tender & Crunchy With Real Lamb & Turkey Flavor

Give your dog a meal that contains all of the nutrients he needs to thrive with Purina Dog Chow Tender and Crunchy with Real Lamb adult dry dog food. Real lamb provides high-quality protein to help maintain strong muscles and a strong heart. This tasty mix of tender pieces and crunchy bites combines high-quality ingredients in a wholesome recipe that provides 100 percent complete and balanced nutrition for your adult dog. Formulated to help support your dog's healthy coat and skin, it gives him the wholesome nourishment he needs to stay active. Each serving contains 23 vitamins and minerals to help support your dog's overall health. Your dog will get pleasure from eating delicious meals of Purina Dog Chow. The crunchy texture in our Tender and Crunchy dog food is fun for him to chew, and the bite-sized bits of kibble help to promote healthy teeth. If you'd prefer a natural experience, try Purina Dog Chow Natural Plus Vitamins and Minerals made with real farm-raised chicken and healthy natural ingredients. We at Purina know how much your dog means to you because our dogs mean just as much to us. The delicious and nutritious Purina Dog Chow you choose to feed him is the same recipe that Purina employees trust enough to feed to their own dogs in homes all across America. In addition to the rigorous safety and quality checks we put our products through, our dry adult dog food is always carefully crafted at company-owned facilities in the USA, and has been since 1926, so you know where the food in your dog's dinner bowl comes from and why you can trust it to support your dog's nutrition. We have a proud history that goes back over 90 years of Purina innovation in promoting your dog's good health, good nutrition and great taste, and we're proud of every bowl of pet food we produce for him. We hold our suppliers to some of the highest standards in the pet food industry because the food you feed to your dog isn't just for him - it's what we feed to our dogs as well.