Purina ONE High Protein Wet Dog Food True Instinct Tender Cuts in Dog Food Gravy With Real Beef and Wild-Caught Salmon

Give your devoted dog something delicious and nourishing to sink his teeth into with Purina ONE True Instinct Tender Cuts In Gravy With Real Beef and Wild-Caught Salmon wet adult dog food. Every serving of this canned dog food features real beef, wild-caught salmon, and other high-quality ingredients. This soft dog food formula is 100 complete and balanced with 0 percent fillers, meaning every high-quality ingredient in this premium dog food has a purpose. The tender, meaty formula with beef and salmon dog food delivers a tempting texture to enrich his dining experience, while the savory gravy for dogs offers a delicious finishing touch. High protein helps to support your dog's strong muscles so that he can keep up with his daily adventures. Deliver natural dog food with added vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to your dog's dish at mealtime and help satisfy his cravings when you make this Purina ONE high protein dog food recipe part of his regular feeding routine.