Snack Factory® Pretzel Crisps, Buffalo Wing, On-the-Go Bag, 3 Oz

Snack Factory® Buffalo Wing Pretzel Crisps are a modern twist on traditional pretzels. Made with quality ingredients and baked up with a sprinkling of spicy flavor on top, they’re a gourmet alternative to an old favorite. Our Pretzel Crisps give you the best part of pretzels without the doughy center, so they’re always thin and tasty with the crunch you love. Baked just right, they pair perfectly with cheese spreads, blue cheese dressing, or a simple slice of cheddar; they're also a zesty partner for celery sticks. They’re also sure to satisfy your buffalo wing cravings straight out of the bag. Picking up a resealable, Party Size pretzel bags make it easy to stock your pantry. Dippable, toppable, and incredibly snackable, Pretzel Crisps are ideal for serving at parties as well as anytime snacking with your family. The 3-ounce bag is perfect at home or on the go. Dip or no dip, our Snack Factory Buffalo Wing Pretzel Crisps are flat-out delicious.