St. Ives Softening Body Wash Coconut and Orchid, 13.5 oz

For soft, sweet-smelling skin, lather up with our tropical Softening Coconut and Orchid Body Wash. This body wash is made with 100% natural coconut milk and orchid flower extracts known to soothe your senses. Our Coconut and Orchid Hand and Body Lotion helps pamper with a rich, creamy lather sure to make any spa green with envy. Send your senses on a trip to the exotic with the intoxicating scents of orchid flower and coconut milk. We’re superfans of everything nature, that’s why our products are made with milky coconut or sweet smelling orchids. Coconut milk is irresistible. Our extract comes from coconuts harvested from tall Caribbean palm trees. The coconut is cracked open and the milk is extracted from the coconut flesh by a gentle water-soaking process. These Caribbean beauties don’t just look good on the shores of a sandy beach they’re also known for their skin softening superpowers! Luscious Indian orchid extracts are known to condition skin for irresistible silky smoothness. Start or finish your day with this sweet-smelling tropical body wash. Natural Ingredients: Coconut milk extract Orchid flower extract Tell me more! This juicy body wash is paraben free, dermatologist tested, doesn’t contain animal derived ingredients, contains 100% natural exfoliants, and is recyclable! Grab life by the coconuts and lather daily from head-to-toe. How to use: Pour a generous amount of body wash onto your hands or favorite squishy pouf! Lather over wet skin, soaking up the incredible scent. When you’re done, rinse off! Stay fresh and use the exfoliating body wash daily for polished smooth skin for brighter, that glows.