The Essential Baking Company French Demi Baguettes, Take & Bake, Twin Pack 14 Oz

Hot & fresh in minutes. 4 ingredients. A crisp and light, fluffy center made even more versatile. Dream up your new favorite sub with these perfectly portioned demi baguettes. Established in 1994: Small batches. Hearth ovens. Wild yeast. The best organic ingredients. These are the things that make our bread so special. We’ve been baking bread so special. We’ve been baking bread for over 25 years. In that time, we’ve gone from selling fresh loaves at local farmers markets to becoming Seattle’s largest organic artisan bakery. Today, we continue those time honored techniques and have found a way to prebake and pack our bread so that you can bake it fresh in minutes, right in your own home. Essential FreshSeal: How do you keep a high-quality loaf of fresh organic bread flavorful without using preservatives? We found a way! The secret is in our Essential FreshSeal packaging. That’s it! No freezing. No preservatives. Unopened this loaf will stay fresh for weeks until you’re ready. You can bring home the aroma and taste of fresh-baked bread anytime. Member, Bread Baker's Guild of America.