Where is Casey’s located?

We are at the southwest corner of Washington St. and Gartner Road in Naperville. We are located south of downtown Naperville and north of 75th street. View map and driving directions.

What are your store hours?

All departments of our store are open from 8am to 8pm Monday through Friday, 8am to 7pm Saturday and 9am to 6pm Sunday.

Do you deliver?

We deliver catering orders within Naperville for a $15 charge. Please ask about delivery surcharges when you place your order if your function is outside that area. We do not have a grocery delivery service.

What is the tax on food items?

In accordance with local and state law, the current tax on food items is 1.75% and the current tax on non-food items is 7.75%. Food items include most items in the grocery, produce and meat departments, while soda, candy, made to order sandwiches, hot entrees, and some health and beauty items are included in the higher tax category.

Do you sell postage stamps and yard waste stickers?

Yes, they are available at the registers and customer service desk.

What are your most popular deli meats?

Our most popular deli meats are Boars Head Oven Gold Turkey, Boars Head Deluxe Ham and Boars Head Seasoned Roast Beef.

What are your most popular deli cheeses?

Our most popular deli cheeses are Boars Head Yellow American cheese and Boars Head Gold Label Swiss cheese.
Are any of the Boars Head products nitrite free and/or gluten free?
All Boars Head meats and cheeses are gluten free. For nutritional information on Boars Head products, see www.boarshead.com.

When I purchase a product from the service deli counter, how long will it last?

You can be sure that the product you purchased will be good for three days.

Where are your deli and entrée items made?

The overwhelming majority of our entrees and deli salads are made from scratch in our restaurant-quality kitchen right here on the premises.

What preservatives do you use in your entrees and salads?

We use no preservatives in the entrees and salads that we prepare here. Feel free to ask anyone on the deli staff for information about any specific product.

What grade of beef do you carry?

We carry USDA graded, grain-fed Choice beef.

Where does your ground meat come from?

All meat is ground in our butcher shop on our premises by our professional staff.

Is your chicken frozen?

No. Our chicken is delivered fresh daily. It is never pre-packaged and no solutions are added to the meat.

Do you carry seafood?

Yes, we have a full line of fresh fish delivered daily.