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About our Store

Where is Casey’s located?

We are at the southwest corner of Washington St. and Gartner Road in Naperville. We are located south of downtown Naperville and north of 75th street. View map and driving directions.

What are your store hours?

All departments of our store are open from 8am to 7pm Monday through Friday, 8am to 7pm Saturday and 9am to 6pm Sunday.

Do you deliver?

We deliver catering orders within Naperville for a $15 charge. Please ask about delivery surcharges when you place your order if your function is outside that area. We do not have a grocery delivery service.

What is the tax on food items?

In accordance with local and state law, the current tax on food items is 1.75% and the current tax on non-food items is 7.75%. Food items include most items in the grocery, produce, and meat departments, while soda, candy, made to order sandwiches, hot entrees, and some health and beauty items are included in the higher tax category.

Do you sell postage stamps and yard waste stickers?

Yes, they are available at the registers and customer service desk.

What are your most popular deli meats?

Our most popular deli meats are Boars Head Oven Gold Turkey, Boars Head Deluxe Ham, and Boars Head Seasoned Roast Beef.

What are your most popular deli cheeses?

Our most popular deli cheeses are Boars Head Yellow American cheese, and Boars Head Gold Label Swiss cheese.

Are any of the Boars Head products nitrite-free and/or gluten-free?

All Boars Head meats and cheeses are gluten-free. For nutritional information on Boars Head products, see www.boarshead.com.

When I purchase a product from the service deli counter, how long will it last?

You can be sure that the product you purchased will be good for three days.

Where are your deli and entrée items made?

The overwhelming majority of our entrees and deli salads are made from scratch in our restaurant-quality kitchen right here on the premises.

What preservatives do you use in your entrees and salads?

We use no preservatives in the entrees and salads that we prepare here. Feel free to ask anyone on the deli staff for information about any specific product.

What grade of beef do you carry?

We carry USDA graded, grain-fed Choice beef.

Where does your ground meat come from?

All meat is ground in our butcher shop on our premises by our professional staff.

Is your chicken frozen?

No. Our chicken is delivered fresh daily. It is never pre-packaged and no solutions are added to the meat.

Do you carry seafood?

Yes, we have a full line of fresh fish delivered daily.



Two online stores: Shop and Catering


  • Shop the aisles of our store, but online!
  • Orders ready for pick up in as little as 2 hours
  • Order up to 7 days in advance
  • Pre-pay online with a credit card
  • A pick-up fee is charged based on the total dollar amount of your order* The fee tiers are as follows:
    • $9.95 on orders under $100
    • $4.95 on orders $100 to $149.99
    • No fee on orders $150 and above!
    • *Sales Tax, Postage Stamps, Gift Cards, and Yard Waste Stickers are excluded from the calculation of your total dollar amount for purposes of calculating the fee.
  • Use Curbside Pick-up or pick up orders at the Customer Service Desk


    • Shop our Catering store to order party trays, appetizers, holiday entrees & sides, desserts, and custom decorated cakes
    • We require a minimum of 24 hours to prepare all catering orders
    • We offer two ways to pay:

    Pre-paid Curbside Pick-up

      • Order up to 7 days in advance
      • Pay online at the time you place your order
      • Drive up to the front of the store and we will bring your order to your car
      • A pick-up fee is charged based on the total dollar amount of your order* The fee tiers are as follows:
        • $9.95 on orders under $100
        • $4.95 on orders $100 to $149.99
        • No fee on orders $150 and above!
        • *Sales Tax and Gift Cards are excluded from the calculation of your total dollar amount for purposes of calculating the fee.

    • Pay In-Person Pick-up
      • Order up to 30 days in advance
      • Pick-up order in-store at the corresponding departments (Meat, Deli, Bakery, Produce)
      • Pay for your items at any register
      • No extra fee

    How do I know where to pick up my Pay In-Person Catering items?

    All items in our Catering store are in the Deli, Bakery, Produce, or Meat Departments.

      • When placing your order online, the department is listed at the top left of the item's ordering screen. In the example below, the Large Mini Party Sandwich Tray shows "Catering / Deli / Party Favorites / Sandwich Trays" near the top left of the window.
      • The department is the first word after "Catering", so in this case the department is Deli.



    General Online Ordering FAQs

      What happens to the items in my cart if I don't checkout and I log out of the system?
      • Items do not disappear from your cart when you log out.
      • The items that are in your cart stay in your cart until you either complete your checkout, at which time you will be assigned an order number and your cart will be emptied, or you clear the item out of your cart yourself.
      Can I make changes to my order?
      • You may continue to add/remove items in your cart at any time until your order is successfully placed.
      Can I change my order after it has been submitted?
      • If we have not started processing your order, you may change it through the online system.
      • Due to the procedures we have in place for processing, your order is put "In Progress" not long after you place it – even if the pick-up date is several days out.
      • If your order has already been put "In Progress", you can call the store, and we can manually amend your order on our end.
      Can I specify instructions for items?
      • Once you add an item to your cart, you will be able to "Add Notes" to that specific item.
      • Where to edit a "Note" on your order:
        1. While you are adding items to your cart, you can see previously saved notes and either edit or delete them. You will have to click into the item to add/view the notes.
        2. Hover over "Cart" and "View Full List" - review order and "Add Note" or click "Edit".
        3. During Checkout (on the "Review" step). You can add/edit notes. This is a great place to review everything on your order and see if there are any old notes from previous orders that need to be deleted or revised.
      • Make sure to click "Save" after typing your specifications. All saved notes will show up when you order those same items on future orders. 
      • "Order Notes": You can add order notes at the "Review" step of "Checkout". These notes can include instructions for how to bag your order and the like (Ex. Please pack lightly in plastic). These notes will not be saved for future orders.
      What are the available pick-up times each day?
      • Monday – Friday: Time slots every half hour from 9:30 am through 6 pm.
      • Saturday: Time slots every half hour starting at 9:30 am through 5 pm.
      • Sunday: Time slots every half hour from 10 am through 4:30 pm.
      How do I use Curbside Pickup?
      • Drive up to the front of the store at your scheduled pickup time.
      • Call us at 630-369-1686 and tell us you are here to pick up your online order.
      • Provide us with your first and last name. (Have your confirmation number available just in case.)
      • We will bring your order out to your car.
      How can I easily re-order items I previously ordered so I don’t have to spend so much time filling my cart? There are a couple of ways to do this:
      • Go to “My Account” and select “My Orders”.
        1. You will see a list of orders you have completed.
        2. You can click on the order number of a previous order and see a list of all items in that order.
        3. For each item you want to re-order, you can click “Add to List”, or you can scroll to the bottom of the order and click “Add All Products To List”, which will put all of the items on this order into your cart.
      • As you are shopping, you can indicate an item as a “Favorite”.
        1. Click the star next to the item you want to mark as a favorite.
        2. The star will turn yellow.
        3. Going forward, as you shop, you can select to filter the screen to exclusively show your Favorites, which will make it easier for you to find items you buy often.
        4. You can always uncheck the "Show Favorites" box to return to shopping the entire store.
      Why did I not receive everything I ordered?
      • During this exceptional time, we are having supplier issues with products.
      • While selecting items for your order, you can give us substitution instructions which can help us greatly when picking your order.
      • For Catering orders, due to the specificity of each order, we would not make any substitutions without contacting you.
      How do substitutions work?
      • If “No Substitution” is marked and we are out of stock for that product, you will not receive anything in its place.
      • If you would like us to provide an alternate product in its place, please instead choose “Best Comparable”.
      • Please add a note to the product if you would like to give us specific order substitution rules. Examples:
        • “Only choose fat-free of a similar flavor soup in a different size/brand”
        • “Any 2% milk besides Borden”
      • Important: When making these notes, please be sure to click “Save” before going on to the next item!
      • In our Catering store, we will never omit or substitute any item without contacting you first. We will, of course, read and follow any notes!
      How do I know I didn’t get charged for the items I did not receive?
      • When ordering from Shop, you will receive an email when your order is ready for pickup. On that email, there is a list of all items you ordered. Any items that were unavailable or substituted will be clearly indicated in that email.
      • When ordering from Catering, we will always contact you if there is an item we are unable to fill.
      • We only charge your credit card for the items you receive.
      • There should be a receipt in one of your bags.
      • Please check the receipt against the products you brought home.
      • You can also login to our website, go to “My Account”, then “My Orders” to review your completed order online and you can see what was out of stock or substituted.
      I have the Casey’s App. Am I going to receive credit on the App for purchases I make online?
      • Yes.



          Checkout & Payment

          Where do I put my credit card information?
          • We do not store your credit card information.
          • After your order is scheduled, the last step will ask you for your credit card information.
          What is a provisional hold?
          • Once your order is successfully placed, a temporary authorization is put on your credit card for the amount of the estimated dollar total.
          • The provisional hold is an extra dollar amount added to the estimated total to account for changes in price due to random weight items or substitutions.
          • Once the order is picked, your card is charged the actual amount of the items you are receiving.
          Is there a charge for placing an online order?
          • A pick-up fee is charged based on the total dollar amount of your order* The fee tiers are as follows:
            • $9.95 on orders under $100
            • $4.95 on orders $100 to $149.99
            • No fee on orders $150 and above!
            • *Sales Tax, Postage Stamps, Gift Cards, and Yard Waste Stickers are excluded from the calculation of your total dollar amount for purposes of calculating the fee.
          Do I have to re-enter my credit card every time I place an order?
          • Yes. Our system does not store any credit card information.
          Why can you schedule pre-paid orders only one week in advance?
          • Our credit card processing company will only allow pre-approval of credit card charges for today through the next 7 days.



          Holiday Season Pick-up Availability

          When will Catering Pre-orders be available for pick-up?
          • They will be accepted through the holidays.
          • Catering Pre-orders will not be available for pick-up: Dec 25th & 26th or Jan 1st & 2nd.
          What are my options for pick-up? 
          • As always, you can make your Catering Pre-orders over the phone and pick-up in-store. For Online Catering, you have two options: Pick-up and Pay-In Person or Pre-pay with Curbside. See the Shop and Catering section for more in-depth details.
            I placed my Catering Pre-order as Pay-In Person, but now I want to switch to Pre-pay with Curbside - Is this possible?
            • Yes, so long as there are still Curbside slots available. To do so, please call 630-369-1686 and our Online Support Staff will be able to assist you.
            • Please note: We will create a new Pre-paid with Curbside Order, and cancel your other order. We will link your old order number to ensure a seamless switch. 
            Can I place my regular grocery Online Order for pick-up during Holiday Weeks? 
            • Depending on when the holiday falls within the week - there may or may not be regular Online "Shop" Orders available to place for pick-up. Please check our Facebook Page or Emails for the most up-to-date information on Online Ordering availability. We generally block out regular shopping slots a couple of days leading up to Thanksgiving & Christmas to fulfill the influx of holiday orders.
              What are your Holiday Store Hours?
              • Christmas: Our hours are adjusted only on Christmas Eve & Christmas Day.
                • Dec 24th: 8 am to 4 pm
                • Dec 25th: CLOSED
              • New Year's Eve:  Our hours are adjusted only on New Year's Eve & New Year's Day.
                • Dec 31st:  8 am to 6 pm
                • Jan 1st: CLOSED
              Which Holidays are you closed for? 
              • New Years Day
              • Easter Sunday
              • Memorial Day
              • Fourth of July (exceptions may occur)
              • Labor Day
              • Thanksgiving Day
              • Christmas Day



              Ordering by Phone

              If I am unable to place an online order, do I have any other options to limit the time I spend in the store?
              • Yes. For products in the Meat, Deli and Produce department:
                1. Call the store at 630-369-1686.
                2. Ask for the department(s) for which you wish to place an order.
                3. Agree on a time they will have your order ready.
                4. Come into the store, go directly to the department(s) through which you placed your order and they will have it ready for you.
                5. Proceed to checkout to pay for your order.