August Baguette, French, Traditional 12.4 Oz

Paris 1920. Artisan bakery. Crispy thin crust. Soft center. August Bakery: Offering a consistently crisp exterior and airy but chewy crumb, our traditional French baguette is a staple for a great dinner. This artisan bread can be sliced width-wise and topped with fine charcuterie, Brie and berries, or it can be served in a bread basket. Slice it length-wise and make a unique version of a Croque-Monsireur, a traditional French sandwich. Discover this superior quality artisan bread made with only the finest ingredients. The Baker's Touch: Our bakers' skills make the difference in artisan breads as much as the quality of the ingredients and the absence of artificial agents or flavors. Each step taking the bread from formless dough to finished loaves depends on the watchful diligence and discernment of baker. It is normal for our breads to have subtle variations in shape and color. A truly delectable European taste!