AXE Matte Wax Messy Look, 2.64 oz

In a world of Men's Styling, make your statement with understatement! New AXE Hair Messy Look Matte Wax gives you a textured hairstyle without shine. Made with real beeswax, this matte hair product gives you flexibility with an epic hold, texture, and definition that lasts all day. The hair wax is ideal for short to mid-length hair and for everyday use giving that perfect just out-of-bed look, without the hard and crunchy feel. Get noticed and express your style without looking like you tried too hard. The best way to use AXE Messy Look Matte Hair Wax: Use a finger-tip amount. Mix between your fingers. Rake back through hair and mess it up (or down). For different looks, check out other hair products for men by AXE. Want the classic gentleman look? Try AXE Clean Cut Look Collection. Or need a product to keep up with your 24/7 lifestyle? Try AXE Spiked up Look Collection.