BABE Babe Rose with Bubbles, 4 Pack 250mL Cans, 12% ABV

BABE Rose with Bubbles is a cute, delicious, take-anywhere wine pairs well with literally everything. This new sparkling wine is just like seltzer, but with a better taste. BABE Rose with Bubbles comes in convenient cans, and three cans of this delicious bubbly are equivalent to one entire bottle of wine. This cute and delicious Rose wine is perfect for whatever and whenever, from brunch time to wine nights. This sparkling Rose has a light body with a refreshing taste that you'll enjoy until the last drop. BABE Rose with Bubbles has only 100 calories, 0 grams of sugar, and a 6.9% ABV. Be on the lookout for BABE Rose wine because you deserve as much wine as your heart desires. You're welcome.