Band Aid Brand First Aid Products Water Block Sterile Non-Stick Waterproof Wound Care Pads for Minor Wounds, Cuts, Scrapes & Burns, Large Pads to Cushion Wounds, 2.9 in. by 4 in., 6 ct

Band Aid Brand of First Aid Products Water Block Non-Stick Sterile Waterproof Pads keep larger minor wounds, cuts, scrapes & burns dry and protected. The Quilt-Aid pad is designed to wick away wound fluids while cushioning and protecting painful wounds while you heal and helps prevent reinjury. These sterile wound care pads are 100% waterproof and germproof, even in the shower. The 4-sided seal locks in ointment and is designed to block out water, dirt, and germs to prevent them from coming into contact with your skin while keeping the non-stick pad dry. These large sterile first aid pads come in a package of 6 and measure 2.9 by 4 inches, making them a great addition to any first aid kit or wound care supplies. From the number one doctor recommended bandage brand, use Band Aid Brand Waterproof Pads to keep your large minor wounds dry and protected.