Banquet Mega Meals Salisbury Steak Frozen Dinner, 16.95 Ounce

Satisfy your appetite with Banquet Mega Meals Salisbury Steak. Big Salisbury steak patties smothered in homestyle gravy and served with creamy mashed potatoes deliver big-time satisfaction. Skip dishwashing - just heat up your meal in the microwave and dispose of the dish when you're finished. Give yourself a boost after an intense workout at the gym or a grueling day at work with this Banquet Mega Meal with 700 calories, 35g protein, and 0g trans fat; contains milk, soy, and wheat. Banquet Mega Meals and Mega Bowls serve up bold flavors for bold appetites in hearty meals. This pack contains one 16.95 Ounce box of Banquet Mega Meals Salisbury Steak.