Bell & Evans Breaded Parmesan Chicken Meatballs with Mozzarella 12 oz

Bell & Evans - Air Chilled. The excellent chicken. Uncooked. No retained water including no chlorinated water. Individually slow chilled. Natural juices not diluted. The air chilled difference. The Bell & Evans Difference: Our product are made from chicken: Raised with out antibiotics - including no ionophores - in the feed, water, through intramuscular injection or in ovo (egg) ever. Junk no kidding. Expeller pressed soybean oil. Our meatballs are flash-fried in our soybean oil, that comes from US grown expeller-pressed soybeans. No hexane solvent used in our process. Fed U.S.A. Grown Grain: All vegetarian diet. All chickens are fed grains grown in the USA. Nitrogen frozen. Instant quick freeze. Locks in freshness and natural juices. Produced in our own Bell & Evan processing facility. Family owned and operated since 1894. Ready to cook. No preservatives. No fillers or extenders. No DDGS - (Distiller's dry gains with solubles). No ethanol by-products. Produced in a Bell & Evans facility. No artificial flavorings.