Belle Meade Bourbon XO Cognac Cask Whiskey, 90.4 Proof

The Belle Meade Cognac Cask finished bourbon explodes with the extraordinary aromas of the French Limousine oak casks we select for this blend of six- to nine-year-old bourbons reveal their truly impressive potential even before they’re filled. The fine Champagne XO Cognac they’ve held lends a luxurious softness to the deeply complex spice and fruit character of the bourbon. Cut to 90.4 proof and non-chill filtered, this bourbon is the perfect relaxing sipper on the rocks or with a splash of water. Exudes flavors of crème brulee, red apple, dried orange and baking spices with a soft alluring mouthfeel, finishes with notes of toasted cedar and allspice. Proudly bottled in the state of Tennessee. Please enjoy responsibly. © 2020 Nelson's Green Brier Distillery, Nashville, TN. 45.2% alc. by vol. (90.4 proof)