Ben & Jerry's Non-Dairy Chocolate Caramel Cluster Frozen Dessert, 16oz

Ben & Jerry's chocolate non-dairy frozen dessert with peanuts, fudge chunks, and salted caramel swirls. Imagine a pint filled with all the things you love the most. Are you picturing it? Well, now you can actually go out and get it—Chocolate Caramel Cluster Non-Dairy, Vegan Diet Certified, is here, and it’s just one click away! No surprise, but Chocolate Caramel Cluster vegan ice cream is packed with a bunch of our favorite things too! In fact, we’ll come right and say it: we think this is the Ben & Jerry-est chocolate, salted-caramel-swirled, fudge-chunked, and peanutty wonderful flavor you can get. We’ve got to hand it to our Flavor Gurus—they know what we really really like. And they know that we can’t get enough Non-Dairy! Yes, we love our Non-Dairy flavors. 100% vegan and 1000% delicious (trust us: that’s mathematically accurate), Chocolate Caramel Cluster Non-Dairy is practically overflowing with crunchy peanuts and big fudgy chunks, all surrounded by endlessly gooey swirls of salted caramel. From the first heaping spoonful to the last, you’ll be smiling. Of course, there are lots of reasons to smile when you’re digging into our pints. Want one more? We use only the finest (and tastiest) ingredients, like Fairtrade Certified cocoa, sugar, and vanilla. That makes us and our farmers happy—and we guarantee that it’ll make you happy too!