CHIPS AHOY! Chewy S’mores Chocolate Filled Chocolate Chip Cookies, 9.6 oz

The Soft Side of CHIPS AHOY! Baked ‘til soft and chewy, these CHIPS AHOY! cookies are a household favorite. Everyone loves these treats, which are packed with chocolate and marshmallow-flavored chips and filled with chocolate. Delight friends at school or the office, prep for a crowd, or enjoy a simple yet sweet snack with CHIPS AHOY! Chewy S’mores Chocolate-Filled Cookies. A great addition to your campfire snacks, BBQ, picnic or dessert cookie tray, CHIPS AHOY! cookies can be enjoyed on their own with a cold glass of milk or as an ice cream topper all year round. Soft CHIPS AHOY! cookies bring just the right amount of enthusiasm to any occasion, from birthdays to holidays to last-minute parties. You can also put a sweet, chewy twist on goodie bags, party favors, gift baskets, care packages, and more with this classic cookie. Resealable cookie pack keeps CHIPS AHOY! cookies fresh and ready to share.