Eggland's Best Peeled Eggs, Hard Cooked, Medium 6 Ea

Quality EB approved. Tasty, nutritious. Convenient-ready to eat. Great tasting! Can be part of a nutritious diet. BranSpark most trusted by American shoppers (Voted most trusted brand by American Shoppers. Based on the brand Spark American Shopper study, years 2015-2019). Quality approved. Hard-cooked and peeled eggs. Tasty. Nutritious. Convenient. Produced from farm fresh. Now, America's best tasting eggs in a convenient pouch. 6 hard cooked eggs. Land's best eggs, peeled and ready for use in your favorite recipe, with all the taste and nutrition you expect from egg. Land's best eggs. High in vitamins D, E and B12. 110 mg of Omega 3 fatty acids. 25% less saturated fat than regular eggs (1 g vs 1.5 g, quantities rounded). EB hens are fed a vegetarian diet. Produced in accordance with egg. Land's best, all vegetarian hen feeding program.