El Guapo Ground Cinnamon (Canela Molida), 1 oz

Cinnamon is one of the world’s oldest and most popular spices. Ground Cinnamon (Canela Molida) is used in both savory and sweet dishes throughout Latin America. Cinnamon brings deep, warm sweetness to desserts, beverages and stews. It adds sweet flavor to Mexican buñuelos, churros, flan, rice pudding and capirotada. Cinnamon’s spicy warmth is a must in slow-cooked moles. Beverages like hot chocolate, coffee, cinnamon tea and atole are all enhanced by cinnamon’s irresistible fragrance. Ground Cinnamon is one of the many products offered by El Guapo and you can be confident that they are of the highest quality. For the past 30 years, El Guapo has provided ingredients to make delicious, authentic Mexican meals for your family.