HERSHEY'S NUGGETS Milk Chocolate Silver Foil, Individually Wrapped, Gluten Free Candy Share Pack, 10.2 oz

The HERSHEY'S NUGGETS milk chocolate candy share pack is filled with delicious chocolate treats any milk chocolate lover will adore. Each two-bite candy offers creamy, delightful milk chocolate individually wrapped in stunning silver foil. Dress your kitchen table up with a bowl of HERSHEY'S NUGGETS goodies, surprise your co-workers with a filled candy dish or drop a handful of these treats into a party bag for an instant, anytime gift. HERSHEY'S NUGGETS candies are a crowd-pleasing treat to share during game nights and movie marathons — attendees will swear they've never seen a better snack selection. These chocolates are perfect for any holiday too, from Halloween and Easter to Christmas and Valentine's Day. No matter where you find yourself this year and who ends up there with you, keep some milk chocolate candies around to liven up parties, networking events, work meetings, camping weekends, picnics, family gatherings and snack times galore.