Isola Grissini Olive Oil

Island of gourmet specialties. Savor the memory, taste the tradition. Delicious Italian crisp breads are a compliment to our fine spreads. Made fresh. No preservatives. The Grissini was facing an identity crisis. Tired of being compared to other, dare we say ordinary, breadsticks, the Grissini wanted to be recognized for being so much more. So these proud sons of Northern Italy turned to the artisans of Isola for help. Thanks to the rather inspired addition of unique and irresistible flavors such as rosemary, black olive and olive oil, the Grissini were ready to make a splash here in America. Accompanying the finest antipasti, cheeses, salads and more, the Grissini were at once transformed, while transforming meals everywhere. This Grissini - indeed worthy of the Isola name - had made a name for itself and proven along the way that life is much too short to eat ordinary. Product of Italy.