J&B Rare Blended Scotch Whisky, 1 L

100% Scotch whiskies. Distilled, blended and bottled in Scotland. By appointment to their late majesties: King George III, King George IV, Queen Victoria, King George V, King William IV, King Edward VII, King George VI, and to his late Royal Highness The Prince of Wales (1912 - 1936). The heart of J&B Rare: The fruity smoothness and elegant structure of J&B Rare are formed from the finest Speyside malt whiskies at the heart of the blend. After blending, many Scotch whiskies are returned to oak casks for a month of marriage. To enhance J&B Rare's elegance of flavour, we take the selected malts from their casks, then marry them together in oak for a full year's maturation. This unique process creates a harmonious whisky and gives a distinctive smoothness and elegant balance at the very heart of J&B Rare. Est. 1794. 40% Alc by Vol. Product of Scotland.