J.L. Kraft Garlic Aioli Dip & Spread, 12 fl oz Bottle

J.L. Kraft Garlic Aioli packs an intense flavor for a quick way to add flavor to your meals. Our garlic aioli contains real roasted garlic for authentic flavor that pairs well with many different foods. Ready to use right out of the bottle, our sandwich topping is perfectly thick to stay where you put it. Enjoy our garlicky sauce on your favorite burger or panini. If you like ketchup or BBQ sauce on your french fries, try dipping them in J.L. Kraft aioli. Dispense a little or a lot of our garlic aioli thanks to the convenient squeeze bottle packaging. Each 12 fluid ounce squeezable bottle contains 90 calories per 2 tbsp serving. Remember to keep our tasty aioli refrigerated after opening.