Jet-Puffed Peppermint Mini Marshmallows, 10 oz. Bag

Jet-Puffed Peppermint Mini Marshmallows are a delicious and versatile holiday dessert topping. Our miniature marshmallows deliver the sweet taste and fluffy texture you know and love with mouthwatering peppermint flavor. With 0 grams of trans fat and 0 grams of total fat per serving, peppermint-flavored marshmallows make a great fat free snack or a fun addition to your favorite marshmallow dessert recipes. Try adding peppermint marshmallows to your hot chocolate to warm up on chilly winter evenings, or enjoy them on their own whenever a craving hits. Perfect for the winter, our holiday marshmallows are sure to become a favorite family tradition. Our marshmallows come packaged in a sealed 10-ounce bag until you're ready to enjoy.