Land O Lakes Butter, Unsalted 4 ea

Land O Lakes Unsalted Butter Sticks contain no added salt, giving you the sweet cream taste you love and the flavor control you need when baking, cooking or topping. Precision is crucial for balancing flavors, making these unsalted sticks of butter perfect for creating your favorite dinner recipes or for making delicious baked goods like rich pecan pie, browned butter pound cake or classic chocolate chip cookies. No matter how you use it, each stick of butter will take your cooking to a whole new level. Pre-measured and ready-to-use, Land O Lakes Unsalted Butter Sticks come individually wrapped in a FlavorProtect wrapper to protect the flavor you love. You can enjoy these unsalted butter sticks knowing that you are supporting farmer-owners in communities like yours across the country. Land O Lakes Unsalted Butter — Eat It Like You Own It.