LATE JULY® Snacks Organic Saltine Crackers, 6 oz. Box

At Late July, we understand snacking is part of life. Whether you're relaxing on summer vacation with friends or you're shuttling the kids around town, snacking and togetherness often go hand in hand. We use real ingredients in Late July crackers so you don't have to sacrifice delicious taste for convenience or enjoyment. Our saltine crackers are inspired by New England tradition. We make them with organic ingredients and no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, no high fructose corn syrup and 0g trans fat. They're also certified kosher, non-GMO and vegan. So grab a box to share or take on-the-go and enjoy the deliciously fresh-baked taste of Late July saltines any time. Late July is the sweet spot of summer. It’s a moment in time when life is simple, pure & good. It’s also our name and philosophy on snack-making. We care deeply about using organic and non-GMO ingredients and no artificial flavors, colors and preservatives.