McCormick Gourmet Organic Ground Thyme, 1.25 oz

One of the kitchen’s most versatile herbs, thyme adds rich savory flavor to meatloaf, stews, stuffing, soups and vegetables. We source our thyme for superior quality then finely grind the leaves to a powder, making it easy to infuse its distinctive flavor into any dish. McCormick Gourmet Ground Thyme brings a light minty flavor that’s warm and aromatic. Use ground thyme when you want the depth of flavor without the presence of the leaves in your dish. It’s wonderful for everyday cooking – add to a spice rub for roast chicken or pork. Whisk into gravies, chowders and gumbo or stir into egg and cheese dishes like stratas or quiches. Its robust flavor is ideal for bean soups, braised meat dishes and slow-cooker recipes.