Mello Yello Peach Bottle, 20 fl oz

Imagine a world where you get exactly what you ask for, when you ask for it. A world with lemon, lime, and peach flavors all wrapped up in the very ultimate citrus and peach flavored soft drink. A world where your taste buds aren’t questioned, only quenched. A world where the most delicious citrus flavors are also the most intense. This is MY world. What makes Mello Yello Peach the ultimate citrus soda? Firstly, the unique taste. Mello Yello Peach takes three iconic flavors and mixes them together into one single soda. It’s a drink that’s intense and unapologetic, with a flavor combination that will excite and inspire you, without any surprises. Secondly, the way it goes down. Smooth to its core, Mello Yello Peach highlights the smooth choices in life. So, when you drink Mello Yello Peach, and get a taste of that delicious peach flavor, it makes everything else go down easy, too. Finally, the reinvigorating flavor with 51mg of caffeine per 12 fl oz to give your taste buds a good kick. Combine all this together, and it’s enough to refresh you and make you reach for that yellow can. When you’re itching for something extra, Mello Yello also comes in other flavors like original and Cherry, taking those delicious fruit flavors and adding them to the mix, creating something bold and exciting. And for folks who want zero sugar, Mello Yello Zero is sure to satisfy.