Purina Beyond Grain Free, Natural, High Protein Pate Wet Cat Food; WILD Turkey, Liver & Quail - 3 oz. Can

Answer the call of the wild when you serve your cat Purina Beyond WILD Prey-Inspired Turkey, Liver & Quail Recipe wet cat food. Real turkey is the #1 ingredient in this grain-free recipe, while the multiple protein sources in every serving makes it easy to satisfy your cat's cravings for a nutrient-rich diet. This prey-inspired entree delivers the nutrient-dense nutrition she would normally seek in the wild, giving her a delicious reason to finish every last bite in her dish. The high protein found in this wet cat food helps maintain lean muscles, so she can scamper and play her way through the day. Our in-house pet nutritionists formulate this recipe using recognizable, purposely selected ingredients, so you can feel good about what goes into her bowl at feeding time. Go beyond natural cat food and feed your cat's natural instincts with this irresistible Purina Beyond WILD wet cat food at feeding time. Cats naturally crave nutrient-dense foods, and Purina Beyond WILD Prey-Inspired Turkey, Liver & Quail Recipe wet cat food delivers on that desire with every bowlful. We craft this recipe without any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, and without any poultry by-product meals, giving your cat a wholesome, grain-free meal option that meets your ingredient criteria. Nutrient-rich organ meat along with real turkey in every serving combine to give her a food inspired by what she would naturally eat in the wild, while the delectable taste and tempting texture keep her coming back for more. Serve this recipe as the main entree at every feeding, or provide her with even more delicious goodness by letting her explore our full line of Purina Beyond wet and dry cat food formulas. For cats who crave a variety of textures, rotate between wet food and our Purina Beyond WILD Turkey & Lentil Recipe + Freeze-Dried Bites With Chicken dry cat food, which features real turkey and freeze-dried bites with chicken in every helping. Your cat deserves only the best in her dish, and that means giving her natural meals made with high-quality proteins and ingredients you can trust. We believe that when we connect with what's natural, we reconnect with what's good in food, and that's why Purina Beyond WILD features high-quality ingredients that can be traced back to our trusted sources. This recipe is proudly crafted in the USA and undergoes quality and safety checks throughout the manufacturing process, so you can feel confident every time you pop open a can. The result of that hard work is a safe, nutritious and delicious meal you can be proud to serve to your feline friend every day. Give her a natural cat food from people who believe there is more to natural cat food than just ingredients when you make Purina Beyond WILD Prey-Inspired Turkey, Liver & Quail Recipe wet cat food part of her complete and balanced diet. Packaging may vary Real turkey is the #1 ingredient High protein to help maintain lean muscles Prey-inspired meals deliver what cats naturally seek in the wild Features nutrient-rich organ meat Grain-free recipe to meet your ingredient standards Made with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives