Purina Fancy Feast Wet Cat Food Complement, Appetizers Steamed Wild Alaskan Salmon in Delicate Broth

Treat your cat to the mouthwatering flavors found in Purina Fancy Feast Appetizers Steamed Wild Alaskan Salmon in a Delicate Broth cat complement. This complement starts out with high-quality, flaked salmon and is finished with a delicate broth that indulges your cat's sophisticated palate and delights her as she savors every delectable bite. The tender texture is easy for cats to enjoy, and the extraordinary flavor appeals to her gourmet tastes. She gets a complement to her daily diet, and you get the comfort that comes from knowing she's getting a snack made with real, high-quality ingredients you recognize. We package this delectable cat food complement in a convenient peel-and-serve container. Share a precious moment with your cat when you serve her a Purina Fancy Feast Appetizer, and indulge her taste buds whenever she deserves something extra in her routine.