Purina Puppy Chow Natural High Protein Dry Puppy Food, With Real Chicken & Beef

Get your puppy off to a great start in life when you feed him Purina Puppy Chow Natural Plus Vitamins & Minerals dry puppy food as a daily staple. This Purina Puppy Chow dry puppy food has the balanced nutrition to support your puppy's health through the crucial early months of his development and the high-quality protein he needs to help develop strong muscles. Puppy Chow Natural Plus Vitamins & Minerals also has the taste a happy, healthy puppy loves. Made with real beef and farm-raised chicken, this dry puppy food mix is crafted into a recipe that dogs love to feel crunching between their teeth. Once your puppy reaches adulthood (12 months for small and medium puppies; 24 months for large breeds), switch him to Purina Dog Chow Natural Plus Vitamins & Minerals to continue providing him great taste as an adult dog. Purina Puppy Chow is carefully crafted in the USA by our own employees who are dedicated to making sure every bag meets or exceeds our high-quality standards. They don't just make Purina Puppy Chow, they trust it enough to feed it to their own puppies every day. Purina Puppy Chow has been crafted right here in the USA since 1965, so you can trust the source, just as your puppy trusts you to provide him with the healthy, nutritious beginning he deserves. With over 90 years of pet food innovation and a long, trusted history, we at Purina are proud to offer every bag of our Purina Puppy Chow with the confidence that we are serving your puppy the nutrition he needs to thrive and a taste he loves. We hold our suppliers and vendors to some of the highest standards in the pet food industry, because we want to ensure the safety and quality of every meal you feed your growing pup. That's why all of our food meets or exceeds state and federal guidelines for pet food, because it isn't just for your puppy, it's what we feed our own puppies, too.