Reeses Baking Cups & Pieces Candy

Don't keep making the same old desserts. Use REESE'S baking cups and REESE'S PIECES candy to add the salty-sweet combination of peanut butter and chocolate to your next batch of cookies or brownies. This mixed bag means you won't have to choose between the crunch of REESE'S PIECES peanut butter candy and the smooth milk chocolate peanut butter taste of the classic cups. But don't just limit yourself to cookies and brownies. Get your creative juices flowing and craft delicious cheesecakes and ice cream cakes, muffins and banana bread or fudge and pancakes. Your baking options are endless with a bag of REESE's milk chocolate and peanut butter baking cups and candy on hand. Stack your pantry to bake any day of the week and stock a few extra during the holidays to bake Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween and Christmas desserts. You can also gift this bag of kosher and gluten-free baking ingredients to the baker in your family during the holidays. Whatever your favorite recipes, REESE'S baking cups and candy will sweeten each bite.