S. Rosen's Bread, Bohemian Style, Rye, Unseeded, Deli Style 16 Oz

Bohemian style rye bread. Sugar free. Not a reduced calorie food. No trans fat. Naturally low fat food. Bread provides complex carbohydrates for energy. Since 1909. Great sandwiches start with great bread! The Authentic Deli Sandwich Bread: Samuel Rosen always love bread, it was his passion. He was awarded his Master Baker's Certificate at the age of 12 and moved from Europe to America that same year, 1898. By 1902, he owned his very own bakery in New York City and by 1909 moved to larger facilities in Chicago. Samuel Rosen's pride in the taste and quality of his breads has been maintained now through three generations of Rosen's family, becoming something of a legend in Chicago and throughout the United States. Enjoy old world heritage and flavor in this authentic Bohemian Style seedless rye bread. The hearty, robust flavor gives distinction to special sandwiches. A truly delicious way to make your sandwich special. - Sam Rosen. BCTGM Union Made: Baker Confectionery, Tobacco Workers & Grain Millers. www.alphabaking.com. Visit alphabaking.com for more information. 1-800-676-4622. LDPE recyclable.