Schweppes Club Soda, 7.5 fl oz mini cans, 6 pack

Enjoy the refreshing taste of Schweppes Ginger Ale. With a bold, refreshing taste of ginger ale, its crisp and bubbly flavor makes for the perfect carbonated beverage you can reach for to satisfy your thirst. So, whether you’re looking for a quick recharge during the day or winding down at night, caffeine-free Schweppes Ginger Ale always hits the spot. Starting way back in 1870, Schweppes Ginger Ale carries on the tradition established by Jacob Schweppe in 1783. Perfect as a mixer for favorites such as the Moscow Mule and Bulldog to new classics like the Amaretto Kick and the Ginger Snap, there’s no end to the possible delicious cocktail mixing opportunities. However, Schweppes Ginger Ale can easily be enjoyed on its own when you’re in the mood for a smooth, delicious drink. With a delicious taste and dependable, crowd-pleasing versatility, there’s nothing quite like a Schweppes Ginger Ale to relax, recharge or refresh!