Spice Classics® Ground Sage 1.37 oz. Shaker

Sage is the silvery-gray dried leaves of an evergreen shrub of the mint family. Native to the Mediterranean area, Spice Classics® Ground Sage gives a bright herby flavor and piney aroma – perfect for your holiday cooking, poultry, pork & stuffing. Traditional in sausages and stuffing – think Thanksgiving in the United States – sage is essential to our favorite holiday dishes and holiday seasonings. Roast turkey and bread stuffing would be less memorable without sage’s distinct flavor and aroma. The herb’s bold taste works well in robust dishes including roast chicken, pork, creamy pastas, potato gratin, bean soups and game recipes. Sage is also delicious in savory baked goods like cornbread, biscuits and scones. The flavor of sage can be potent so start with a small amount.