STARBURST FaveREDs Jelly Beans Easter Candy Gifts, 14 oz

Beat the bunny to the big day and celebrate Easter with the fruity, chewy candy goodness of STARBURST FaveREDs Jelly Beans Easter Candy. Packed with beloved favorite STARBURST fruit candy flavors like watermelon, cherry, and strawberry flavors, this bag is sure to sprout smiles on the faces of your friends and family. STARBURST Easter jelly beans are perfect for stuffing Easter eggs for the big egg hunt, as well as making Easter baskets bright! Each bag of STARBURST FaveReds Jelly Beans Easter candy contains enough colorful assorted chewy candy to create fun bunny crafts. More than just an Easter candy, STARBURST Jelly Beans are the perfect complement to any Spring celebration. Whether you add them to your favorite candy dish, baked goods recipes, or enjoy them on their own, there are many fun ways to add juicy, fruity flavor of STARBURST FaveREDs Jelly Beans. Hop to it and add a bag to your cart today.