vitaminwater zero sugar go-go, electrolyte enhanced water w/ vitamins, mixed berry drink, 20 fl oz

what does it mean to be human? it's pretty much just a manufactured personality, some good ingredients and a bunch of water. with some hair on top. what does it mean to be a vitaminwater zero sugar? um, actually, same. aside from the hair.​ that’s because vitaminwater is made for human people. who knew? that means: good ingredients? check. water? check. manufactured personality? you know it. but you have more questions. we have answers.​​ what can you expect from a bottle of vitaminwater zero sugar? a liquid state of matter. a complete lack of calories. zero sugar, yet delicious mixed berry taste. vitamin-enhanced drinks, just for you (but also anybody else). bottled water, but flavored. also electrolytes. ​so, get yourself a pack of vitaminwater zero sugar and make sure you’ve always got something good on hand. each 20 fl oz bottle is filled with delicious liquid as tasty as you’ll feel when you drink it. packed with vitamin c, vitamin b (b5, b6, b12) and electrolytes to enjoy after a long day carrying around a bunch of vitaminwater. ​   so stay human. drink vitaminwater.