Zatarain's Garden District Kitchen DPP

The French influence on New Orleans cuisine can be experienced at home with this easy 10-minute whole grain brown rice and white beans dish. Seasoned with rich butter, fragrant basil and zesty lemon, it makes a tasty weeknight side or dinner starter. This rice mix is inspired by New Orleans’ Garden District, a neighborhood of elegant homes and gardens that’s near where Emile Zatarain founded the storefront company over a century ago. Lemon Butter and Herb Brown Rice with White Beans is a flavorful blend of brown rice, white beans, butter, garlic, basil and lemon. The cook time is a weeknight-friendly 10 minutes and it contains 9g protein and 12g fiber per serving*. Make a “power bowl” by topping the rice with assorted colorful vegetables. *Contains 4g of total fat per serving. See nutrition information for fat and sodium content.